Calendario Eventi 2015

Oxidative stress in patients with Alzheimer’s disease: effect of extracts of fermented papaya powder.

Barbagallo M1, Marotta F2, Dominguez LJ3. Author information Abstract Brain tissue is particularly susceptible to oxidative stress (OS). Increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), reduced antioxidant systems, and decreased efficiency in repairing mechanisms have been linke

Microscopic and ultrastructural modifications of postmenopausal atrophic vaginal mucosa after fractional carbon dioxide laser treatment.

Zerbinati N1, Serati M, Origoni M, Candiani M, Iannitti T, Salvatore S, Marotta F, Calligaro A. Author information 1Department of Surgical and Morphological Sciences, University of Insubria, Varese, Italy. Abstract Vaginal atrophy occurring during menopause is closely related to the d

A double-blind, rct testing beneficial modulation of BDNF in middle-aged, life style-stressed subjects: a clue to brain protection?

Chui DH1, Marcellino M2, Marotta F2, Sweed H3, Solimene U4, Vignali AI2, Xiao W1, Ayala A3, Cagnuolo U2, Zerbinati N5. Author information Abstract INTRODUCTION: The aim of this prospective study was to see whether LD-1227, a quality-controlled marine nutraceuticals shown to protect ex

The gut microbiota and its correlations with the central nervous system disorders.

Catanzaro R1, Anzalone M, Calabrese F, Milazzo M, Capuana M, Italia A, Occhipinti S, Marotta F. Author information Abstract A mutual impact of gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and central nervous system (CNS) functions has been recognized since the mid-twentieth century. It is accepted th


Nei giorni 7 ed 8 novembre, il prof. Maurizio Ceccarelli, docente di Medicina Fisiologica e Medicina Estetica e rinomato speaker nazionale ed internazionale, oltre che membro di ReGenera, terrà un corso intensivo teorico-pratico dal titolo “LIFE QUALITY MEDICAL PROGRAM” Un

Congresso di medicina antiaging Mosca

Regenera Reserch Group protagonista al congresso di medicina antiaging di Mosca con 2 session dedicate all’ invecchiamento di successo. CONSULTA PROGRAMMA

Donne Senza Pausa 5 giugno 2015

ReGenera research group rg a Donne Senza Pausa, che si terrà il 5 giugno a San Benedetto Del Tronto presso l’ Auditorium Comunale G. Tebaldini   visita pagina facebook scarica programma

Congresso Internazionale di medicina antiaging di San Paolo del Brasile

ReGenera research group protagnosita al Congresso Internazionale di medicina antiaging di San Paolo del Brasile SCARICA PROGRAMMA